•  1/29/20

FSC update January MEDIATION Notice


  • 1/24/20

This is the Mediator who has been assigned to our case.
We are still waiting for him to communicate with us for a meeting date and location.

Gerry McGuckin

Gerry McGuckin Mediator

Gerry McGuckin joined the National Mediation Board as a Mediator in September of 2007. He serves the Board in airline and railroad cases, including Grievance Mediation cases.
Prior to joining the NMB, Gerry completed a career as a commercial airline pilot for a number of major airlines, retiring in October, 2006 from US Airways. During his twenty nine year airline career, he gained extensive labor relations experience, including merger committee co-chairman for the People Express pilots, elected representative on the ALPA Master Executive Council for both Braniff International Airways and US Airways, and ALPA chief negotiator and negotiator for over twelve years at US Airways which involved crafting labor agreements for over six thousand pilots.
Gerry’s military career with the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserve spanned over twenty seven years. Initially serving as crew chief on the F-86 F aircraft, he retired in 1998, as a Lt. Col., Flight Commander, having flown the C-141 aircraft for twenty three years.
Gerry is a graduate of the City College of New York with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology; he also holds a Master’s degree in Business Management, emphasizing labor relations studies, from Central Michigan University.