• January 14th, 2020

With more than 130,000 AAG employees, each with their own handful of eligible travelers, American’s non-rev travel program connects a lot of people. As the list of eligible travelers is constantly changing, American is making a slight adjustment to the dependent verification travel process.
Beginning Feb. 4, any new dependents AAG employees want to add will need to be verified as an eligible dependent before they can list for flights. That means all necessary supporting documents must be submitted and verified before travel. Today, dependents can begin traveling immediately while the verification process takes place behind the scenes, but with this change, employees should allow 10 business days for verification after documents have been submitted. This change only applies to new dependents added Feb. 4 or later.
This change aligns American’s non-rev travel policies with other company offerings that dependents may receive such as medical benefits. It is also consistent with how other airlines administer dependent travel.
Remember, non-rev travel is a privilege, and any violation or misconduct of the Travel Guide by registered travelers may result in disciplinary action, including (but not limited to) revocation of or limitations of travel privileges for AAG employees and retirees. Need a refresher on all things non-rev travel? Be sure to check out the Travel Guide and web-based travel training in the Learning Hub (PPL9200).

  • Travel Absencestravel absence
  • December 2, 2019 Extended:

Required Employee Travel Policy TrainingLast month, American rolled out a new automated process that deactivates non-rev travel for employees if their outstanding travel charges are significantly past due. Specifically, if an employee is 45 days past due, the new automated process will disable non-rev travel for D3 guests. At 60 days, employees will no longer have access to their travel privileges, including personal travel on other airlines (ZED), until all outstanding travel charges are paid. You can read more about this change on
To ensure that we all understand our travel privileges – and this new policy – a Learning Hub course was launched for all Envoy employees, explaining the dos and don’ts for non-rev travel.
Unfortunately, a system error prevented the lesson from loading accurately into everyone’s Learning Hub menu. If you have not already taken the “Team Member Travel 2019” (PPL9200) lesson, we will extend the initial deadline. Be sure to log on to your Learning Hub and complete the lesson by Monday, January 6, 2020.
Participation in American’s employee travel program is a valuable privilege that all Envoy employees can enjoy. Remember that any unresolved non-rev travel issues may result in disciplinary action. If in doubt, take a look at the AAG Travel Guide or talk to your manager.
Need help? Learn more about American’s travel program in the AAG Travel Guide.
Unsure how to pay outstanding charges? Read a user guide on
Questions? Contact American’s Employee Travel team by selecting “Contact Employee Travel” from the Travel Home page of Published by Envoy Communications.



Disabling non-travel for outstanding travel charges
Beginning Nov. 6, we’re rolling out a new automated process that will deactivate non-rev travel for team members if their outstanding travel charges are significantly past due. Specifically, if a team member is 45 days past due as of Nov. 6, the new automated process will disable their non-rev travel. The good news is travel for team members and their eligible dependents has been free of charge for the past three years. In fact, team members are only required to pay international fees and taxes for themselves and their eligible dependents and any associated imputed income, where applicable. They’re also responsible for any fees, taxes and imputed income for travel by parents/parents-in-law and guest travelers. The Travel Planner offers several ways for you to pay for travel using either a stored credit/debit card or one-time credit/debit cards.