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CS Policy

CS Policy 1 Jun 2019



California State-Specific Policies

  • California Disability Insurance

  • California Immigration Enforcement

  • California Leaves of Absence

California Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Leave

California Civil Air Patrol Leave
California Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, or Stalking Leave and Reasonable Accommodations Policy
California Emergency Responder and Volunteer Leave
California Family Medical/Military/Pregnancy Leave
California Leave for any Proceeding Involving Victims’ Rights Policy
California Literacy Assistance Leave
California Organ and Bone Marrow Donation Leave
California Paid Sick Leave Policy
California Time Off For Child-Related Activities
California Victims’ Leave for Judicial Proceedings Related to the Crime Policy
California Voting, Jury and Witness Duty Policy

  • California Unemployment Insurance

  • California Wage and Hour Policies

California Deductions from Wages Policy
California Hours of Work Policy
California Lactation Periods Policy
California Meal and Rest Periods Policy
California Overtime Policy
California Paydays and Pay Periods Policy
California Practices Upon Termination Policy

  • California Workers’ Compensation

  • LAX Living Wage Ordinance