Weekly Report 4/30

From VP Luis de Jesus
Brothers and sisters,

This week has been interesting. We met with Barbara (DFW HR Representative) about situations that are getting out of hand with supervisors from Baggage. We told her that we have gone to the MOD and shift managers and nothing is happening. She has made the commitment to investigate and find out what is happening and get back to us.
We were supposed to have a grievance resolution meeting on Tuesday but it was cancelled, the company’s Rep was sick & it will be re-rescheduled.
On Wednesday we met with the company about the Bid but ran into a wall with some of the things that were on the bid and were not discussed with us. We are in disagreement with the changes. On Friday Velez Rubio solicited a meeting for Monday so that we can discuss the Bid.
On Thursday and Friday there was new shop Stewart Training. Carlos Cintron, Abner Rivera and I hosted this training. We had a total of 14 new Stewart’s who got trained and sworn in. It was a great experience, the training was done in a non- orthodox way, it was more of a 1 on 1 with every  group, so we were able to answer more questions and give them knowledge of everyday situations. The new stewards were very engaged and were willing to pick up the leadership role understanding that it was not going to be an easy one.
I also have had different people from the E-terminal call me and express the different concerns about how they are changing procedures depending on the mood of the supervisors this is not right. I sent Maria a message to see if we could meet tomorrow or Wednesday to discuss the concerns.
Remember Unity is Power.

From Recording Secretary Eduardo Murillio
This past week has been relatively busy.  Tuesday and Friday I have been in the field posting the Membership Meeting Memo at all the possible locations and breakrooms, while also having to address different complaints and questions about numerous subjects.
I guess Terminal E is a hot issue right now, since I met with several members and Supervisors from E about possible Harassment to the Crew Chief as well as a restriction on TL’s for the Clerks. I have requested for grievances to be submitted and this issue and others will have to be resolved or tried to by having a meeting with Management in the next days. I will update you all if we get something resolved in the next weeks. I have also recieved questions about the New OT policy that will go soon in effect.  On this issue I hope that at the next week Roundtable meeting this can be more clear about time of this implementation.
Have a great week my Union Brothers & Sisters…!!

From Member at Large Board Member Abner Rivera
Was at airport union office answering questions and also had a meeting with Bagroom shift manager Liso and supervisor Jack Piano.
Went to E terminal because some there were concerns about inbound local bags. Some supervisor was saying follow the PDA and others were saying local bags first but I got together with MOD Maria and we cleared it up.
The union members also have a concern that the E terminal is a being treated like an out station. We need to clear that up with Velez Rubio so that all management is on the same page that E terminal is part of DFW Local 575 and not an out station!
I also participated in the new shop stewards training and it was very positive. New shop stewards are ready!
Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.20.29 AM

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