Weekly Update 4/22

Here are some updates from some of our TWU Board Members:

From VP Luis de Jesus

  • Elections for chief Stewart ran very smooth. Mr Poudel committee chairman did a very good job, he is very detailed which made the process a very easy one. Jeff England, Semisi Kasitati and (LAX) Jose Gonzalez are the official Chief Stewarts. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Anthony Clark and I met with the company about the Coral and the integration of inbound with AA-AE. (AC has more info).
  • Mr Velez Rubio met with the training Crew Chiefs to inform them that they were going to lose their positions in the Training Department due to the INCONSISTENCY in the department, the company understands that by doing the training with supervisors it will eliminate the INCONSISTENCY. To me it was disappointing to hear Mr Velez Rubio say INCONSISTENCY when I know they did their very best with the tools that the company gave them.
  • Carlos Cintron and I are working with the recruitment of the new Stewarts and the training they will receive on Thursday and Friday.

From Member at Large Board Member Anthony Clark

Jeff Englant & I attended DFW joint safety committee meeting this week. It was my first time in attendance. All the issues at this meeting are at their last resolve. No new issues are introduced.
  • New Ramp Closed notifications warning lights have been installed  on the ramp. They are working but we are still working to have them installed  on the B-side.
  • Also the perimeter has increased from (3) miles  to (5) miles.
  • Their was a fire in Hanger 4. No one was hurt or anything was damaged. Our Envoy mechanics moved the planes out of harm’s way. AA is looking to commemorate the Envoy mechanics.
  • Speeding through the bag room at D25 by both Envoy and AA. They are looking  to install speed bumps.
Envoy Joint Safety Meeting – 04/19/2018
Green Tags
GSE will start placing (Ready For Service) green tags on equipment parked on the Low Maintenance Pad. This will allow the Equipment CC to know what equipment is ready to return to the ramp. This process  will begin on May 1,2018.
  • The speed bumps have been installed  at the bag room entrance at MU5. We are asking management to remove or relocate as one of our members almost got hurt.
  • A mirror has been mounted on the post so clerks will be able to see around  the turn.
  • A painted cross walk has been painted from the break room across the roadway into the bagroom.
  • a painted cross walk will be painted on the high gates where clerks exit the building across the roadway to the ramp.
  • The speed bumps in old bagroom 4 have been removed.
From Member at Large Board Member Abner Rivera
On Tuesday I was at union office at airport and answered some questions to some members about the general meeting and got some reports about some supervisors. Some clerks asked about the need of some more computers at terminal E. It is an issue Carlos Cintron discussed with Maria and they are working with that. Also they are giving mandos the wrong way and taking the clerks in the office for q&a to see if they could write them up for an EBO. I will be at the airport office every Tuesday for any assistance.
From Recording Secretary Eduardo Murillio
This past week has been really busy  working my regular duties as Secretary. First with finish preparing the documents needed for the International office, the minutes from all meetings and also creating new letters to reply to grievances a well. During the week we also had several cases to represent and some are pending investigation. All these cases are with Baggage, that everyone knows all to well is happening too frequently. We will be discussing at the next “Round Table” meeting the ongoing unnecessary discussions our members deal with, especially in the baggage area.
We need statements with dates and names.
Till next week my union brothers…

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