From the President’s Desk 4/20

Dear Membership,

I’ll start the first President’s Desk by congratulating the newly elected Chief Shop stewards Jeff Englant and Semisi Kasitati for DFW and Jose Gonzalez for Lax. All three have worked as shop stewards and have an understanding of the contract. As one of their first roles they will be working with Member at Large Board Member Carlos Cintron for the upcoming new shop stewards Local training followed by preparing and setting up the shop stewards training with the TWU for current and new stewards. With a membership of over 1400 fleet service clerks in DFW and over 300 in LAX having an educated group to represent you on the field is imperative!  We are always interested in growing the shop steward group. If interested please reach out to any of them.

Secondly, I want to address the status of the membership meeting. We are planning the meeting to take place in May and location is still pending. We are aware you have questions specially about negotiations which leads me to the next item…..

We had the first Negotiation TWU preparation session on 4/16,17,18. It was very productive and we went over the TWU survey. Results from that survey was very poor unfortunately  and with ORD, DFW and MIA having the most but between those three cities we didn’t make 800 completed. Also, the vast majority was from employees ranging from 1 to 5 years in the company. Gary Peterson presented some strategies after going over the agreements language, compensation and scope and have a follow up meeting in ORD from the 20th to the 24th of May. We expect to have most of our proposals ready by then. At this time the company has agreed to late June and we are committed, eager and prepared to start this process!

Together we are strong!




Roy Nichols

President TWU LOCAL 575

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