Safety Update 4/18

Recently AC and Luis attended the Dynamic Manning CC Meeting for AM and PM.The meeting was to discuss the upcoming changes to Dynamic Manning and to get the Crew Chief opinion.The main points were as follows…

1.Local Bags

2.Assigning & Dispatch

3.AEAA & Inbounds Bid

4.Prime/Tlink2 Lesson

5.Bid Wish List


The plan is to move equipment from inbound to the ramp for delivery of local bags.The additional clerks added to AEAA will take from the Corral pool of tugs.

The T2T break room is to be expanded to accommodate the increase in clerks as well as the AEAA break room area.

Update to the P/A system in both areas to better inherence handing out of paperwork and staying in touch with the clerks.

The CC from Inbound will be moving: One to T2T and the other one to AEAA. However the current CC feel that the additional work load will be to much.

Even with the additition of one more CC.They would like to have another full team created.Two more CC and divide the ramp into Hi and Low Zones.

Another meeting is planned for next month.The date and time will be posted.


Also, they met with Mike Van Loan (MOD of Baggage) to go over the updated request of our last meeting;

The speed bumps in the Corral area have not been removed. AC & Luis suggested that they, management, could remove them thereself. He said he would get with GSE and see if that could be done because the speed bumps are bolted down.

As for the Bid.They are having a hard time creating six (6) lines for the Corral.They can only create three (3) and continue to use the clerks from equipment to man the Corral. This we don’t agree on.

They have started auditing the baggage clerks for Fuel Chips. As of yesterday,only 174 out of 360 had a chip.This action will continue through out the month until all baggage clerks have a functioning chip.

Their next schedule meeting is on Monday,April 23,2018.

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