Weekly Update 4/15

As you all know, I attended the President’s meeting this last week in SFO. We addressed the problems we are facing in the airline and how to tackle them. The TWU is asking for the Locals to start internal committees.
1. Education Part of the constitution
2. Young members participation
3. Mentoring from within
4. Communications/phone app, website
Also, they asked for a monthly report of all members not in good standing and to collect past dues. It will be up to the Board to decide how far and what approach to take. We will start a monthly call between Presidents to discuss individual issues that could affect or benefit the other Locals.
I also had the opportunity to speak with TWU Local 513 about the DFW expansion news and he requested that I forward the message from Envoy to him as they are not aware of the share gate and other items. I will follow up with him next Friday.
The Envoy FSC Presidents met with TWU Vice President and Local 591 President Gary Peterson about our upcoming negotiations and we are developing the strategy. I have been designated as the scribe (notes, record keeper) and have a follow training meeting this week here in Texas. We are going article by article including compensation packages to have ready to present.
Lastly, the training department from the TWU is available for trainings and will provide the official document for submission.
Remember Safety First!
Roy Nichols (President)

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