Weekly Update 4/8

Many more developments continued this week. This last Friday we held our 2nd Executive Board meeting.  Everyone has been extremely active with their duties. Both Luis de Jesus and Barbara Allen are on track with the election for Chief Shop Stewards. Nominations are officially closed as of Friday April 6th. Members at large Abner Rivera and Carlos Cintron are preparing the shop stewards training and finalizing signatures of acceptance. If anyone is still interested in becoming a shop steward and/or has not signed the acceptance letter please contact Carlos Cintron at c.cintron@twu575.org.
Our safety team had their first TWU/Envoy meeting and walk at the DFW Ramp. They discussed the bagrooms work load distribution after MU5 was opened and the company has agreed to some changes. There is also a coral meeting this coming week with more possible changes to come. If anyone has safety concerns or questions please contact Member at Large Anthony Clark at a.clark@twu575.org.
Negotiations training and TWU meetings will take place for the next two weeks. We hope to provide an official starting date by then and that this perhaps what everyone is waiting for. The Local will be looking to establish a communication negotiations team with the purpose to maintain and provide current along with updated contract information. We must be well informed and educated with facts in order to have a good contract. If you want to be a part of this team let us know communication575@twu575.org.
The announcement this past week from DFW HUB VP Jose Velez Rubio is of great news to all of us. It establishes the importance of Envoy to AAG and that is a great bargaining tool for negotiations. There are many things we need to talk about with the company especially the share gates concept which is already done at some Hubs where each TWU Local handles their own airplanes. We will reach out to AA TWU Local 513 in the next week.
Thank you and stay safe!!
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