Weekly Update 3/31

img_8694During the last two weeks your elected Executive Board has continuesld to get organized and work on many items left open and unattended during the re election process. We have processed over forty five (45) grievances involving disciplinary action, CR1, over time bypass and policies. We also continue to meet weekly with department heads from Ramp, Baggage and Hub Admin for many other things.

Anthony Clark, Safety Rep, & Luis de Jesus, Vice President, had meetings with baggage managers about the corral and ideas have been presented, shared and agreed on. In the next weeks the company will be posting some information about it.

Our Recording secretary, Eduardo Murillo, together with Member at large Carlos Cintron has been getting with all the members interested in becoming shop stewards. New and former will be receiving oath and training before they can represent anyone. If you are still interested please send an email to e.murillo@twu575.org or c.cintron@twu575.org. At LAX, Vice President Barbara Allen, is also collecting names for shop stewards. You can send her an email to b.allen@twu575.org

The nominations for Chief Shop Stewards at both DFW and LAX has started and the information has been posted in all bulletin boards and social media. Once nominations are completed an election will be held. More information to come.

Negotiations training and meetings with the other Locals and the TWU continue in April. There is a possible starting negotiations date for the middle of May and once most of this items are settled, cleared and completed, we will schedule a membership meeting for both DFW and LAX. We know there are plenty of questions and interest from the membership about negotiations and other items but we feel it is important to have answers, procedures and structure available to you on this day.

Thank you and stay safe!

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