Weekly Update 3/16


Another busy week for the new elected officers and the Local. Committees are being set up along duties and responsibilities being distributed.  We started the grievance committee meetings composed by Eduardo Murillo, Carlos Marquez, Abner Rivera and Carlos Cintron for DFW and LAX. They are working on setting up their group together. We have appointed Anthony Clark as the Safety rep for both DFW and LAX and on his first week he has been addressing the baggage corral & lack of safety protocols. Therefore, a grievance was filed on behave of the membership. We will have contacted the Envoy Safety Department by the time this message is delivered to you. The Company has already given us a response and will be addressing our concerns. For all your safety questions please contact Anthony Clark at a.clark@twu575.org as he puts together our SAFETY TEAM.  We also want to thank Jeff Englant for helping with safety as he has agreed to continue working with Anthony Clark. Jeff can also be reached at j.englant@twu575.org

During the grievance committee meetings for DFW we found that more than half are related to baggage AND for rules and policies we are not being made aware of. It seems as every shift, day or management has their own rules by which they manage. The Company agreed to go over the individual grievances but our position is to not just have the grievance awarded but to make the rules clear and consistent to everyone.  More to come on this matter!

The discussions about the cs policy continues. Yesterday March 15th a company memo was put out and shared in the Local social media. This is only for replacement cs within 24 hours. We can still put cs in the system up to two hours before the start of a shift. The purpose is to not contact HUB ADMIN but the operational supervisors since they are the ones outside with the member thus avoiding to call admin phone lines that are busy or not picked up. We will be meeting with management and Envoy Employee relations about the entire policy itself.

We are still looking for members interested on becoming shop stewards in both DFW and LAX. Anyone interested at DFW please send Eduardo Murillo an email at e.murillo@twu575.org and for LAX to Barbara Allen at b.allen@twu575.org

Our negotiations meetings between Locals have started and we have shared some information amongst us. We have several strategic and President Council meetings next month in order to lay out our plan. The TWU leadership has been very involved and dedicated to the Locals needs. TWU Local 591 President and International Vice President, Gary Peterson will be overseeing the Envoy negotiation. In the next few weeks we will be asking the members for email and phone numbers to be able to send out any immediate and necessary contract information. Communication, awareness and understanding is key but not as important as member participation.

Thank you and stay safe

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