Weekly Update 3/12


As we continue the logistics and assignments for the new elected Board we have also met with the company and the baggage management. We discussed the inconsistencies of policies in all of their work locations.

• Run time for bagroom runners to aircraft

• Bag cart deliveries back to bagroom after a run

• Tug Corral

• Paperwork/TLink 2

• PDA shortage

• Assignment distribution at AE to AA and tail to tail

• New hires lack of bagroom training

The company continues to request that the member is to follow the PDA and report any discrepancy and broken PDA at all times. They claim the members continued pressing of the “skip” button is a problem and are starting to track those issues. Based on the amount of items brought up by the Union there will be a follow up meeting.

The company is also looking to have ALL SHIFT MANAGERS ONLY APPROVE cs with less than 24 hours since it is an operational necessity and Schedulers ARE NOT TO APPROVE OR DISAPPROVE at any time.

On Friday March 9th the company informed us they will be starting the EBO codes for all members that show badging out before the assigned time including MANDO hrs. It seems as this is another system wide problem with EBO. Company will be sharing the names of the most repeat offenders as the problem is more than leaving during MANDO. Any member that fills out an exception discrepancy needs to include the name of the supervisor to whom she/he reported to on the day of the exception. Most of the non paid are because there is a lack of this information.

We concluded our third arbitration and have received the attorneys closing arguments. We are now waiting for the arbitrator to contact the Union for his decision. More to come at a later time.

Lastly, negotiations discussions between the Locals start this week along with training from the TWU. We expect for negotiations to officially start soon and hope to provide you a confirm date by the next weekly meeting. We will personally be asking the members for their phone number and email contact info in order to keep you informed on all negotiation updates.

Thank you for your time and stay safe

One thought on “Weekly Update 3/12

  1. Dan Nunez says:

    What did the company decide on CS policy you had mention that this was one item being discussed on the last update but on this update no mention of it


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