Weekly update 3/2



A. There were several meetings with the company in regards to:

1. Overtime policy

2. CS policy

3. Cabin Services

4. Grievances

5. Policies/Mando

6. Managing practices (intimidation)

We have shared the frustration of the membership we face on a day to day basis and have agreed to meet weekly until we can get all these items resolved. They claim that they are isolated matters however, we have the grievances and statements to show they are not. We also expressed that damage control meetings is just a sign of how unorganized the operation and rules are at this time.

B. A ton of information is being shared through social media about the CWA Envoy negotiations and the letter from Congress officials. The idea and purpose is a good one and as of today AAG and/or Doug Parker have not replied. We can agree that the strategy is very good especially when there are elections for city officials and the fact that the CWA has been negotiating for over two years with Envoy gate agents and have not reached a “TENTATIVE AGREEMENT”

C. We have the third of six arbitrations this coming week with still one more pending for DFW and two for LAX. All are for terminations and have priority over any contractual and/or policy grievance. Currently we are waiting on attorneys closing arguments and the arbitrators decision. We had a call with one of the arbitrators over the admission of evidence after the hearing. The Local contested and was awarded the argument therefore keeping consistency of the legal process.

D. Soon the Local will be asking for shop steward participation. We currently have no more than 25 shop stewards for DFW and no more than 3 for LAX and this is a big problem for all. Shop stewards are our first line of defense but with such low numbers it is almost impossible to provide the membership equal and fair representation. At this time, anyone interested please contact Eduardo Murillo at e.murillo@twu575.org

with your name, work area and schedule.

Thank you for your support and stay safe!

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