Weekly Update 2/23

We are starting our weekly updates once again with the intentions to provide you with honest and up to date information about AA and its subsidiaries, the labor movement, our Local and the HUB it represents and of course contract negotiations updates. It is no secret to many that incorrect and incomplete information is distributed amongst the members thus creating more damage control than actual facts. Our weekly updates will try to be done on Fridays and will be posted and available on our Local 575 website too.  Thank you and stay safe!


1 Our Local elections have concluded and congratulations to the NEW 2018-2020 Executive Board.  At this time there has been a lot of catch up to do like grievances reports and status, arbitration submissions, contract preparation meetings with fellow TWU FSC Locals and training.

2 We attended and participated with the CWA at a press conference in the city of Dallas to bring out information to the public of the poor wage conditions of the Envoy employees. The CWA just like TWU is in the process of starting negotiations for their respective work groups (Gate agents and Fleet Service Clerks). Both negotiations are separately and one does not affect the other.

3 Piedmont  Airlines (another wholly owned) Regional of American Airlines, is currently in the process of voting by the membership their TENTATIVE AGREEMENT. The agreement within its self is hard to understand and it can be misleading with the pay scales and the length of time to reach a top pay. The maximum top pay varies from cities and in most of them, the members are cross utilized between ramp and passenger service. As we get more details of the TA (tentative agreement) we will continue to share.

4 Several members have filled grievances against the company for the closing of cabin services whenever shift managers decide to do so, the cs policy and the unilateral decision making by management on policies and procedures. At this moment the company has agreed to meet this week over this specific issues.

We have a lot of ideas and suggestions from members on how to make our Local better, on how to provide  access to information immediately, how to utilize resources better and streamline our own leadership structure. It will be a year were we must work together and not fall into the COORPORATION PLAN OF DIVIDE AND CONQUER. In order to be successful there must be plenty of internal desire to improve from everyone and not just the elected leadership.

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