Note from the President’s Desk 11/17 ~ Survey, Picket Update, & Arbitration Update

The TWU survey is officially out and some of you have filled out. The purpose is to get a census from the membership in order to create a contract where the Local and TWU leadership can present, negotiate and fight for what YOU want. It is very important that YOU understand the process of negotiations and what your representative duties are throughout this long process. Being informed and participating is key. It takes less than a few minutes to express your opinion on important questions WE ask each other on a daily basis. To those who have completed already, THANK YOU for the support!!!! Click on the link and put in your employee number at the login:

This takes me to the next topic-  1 Year ANNIVERSARY of the informational picket. The Executive Board decided it was not the best time to have an event. At this point we are still a few months away from negotiations it would have been very difficult to maintain energy and motivation. AA Locals and TWU are on board to participate on a large scale event but not this early in the game. However, we have been discussing ideas for a joint DFW AA/ENVOY TWU UNITED SAFETY PUSH. As stated above, this event can only be successful if we have membership participation and as ideas and meetings take shape we will share.

Lastly, I have some arbitration updates and clarification.

• We currently have a total of five schedule cases from December 2017 to May 2018

• There is seven more waiting on arbitration selection

• Four more are being discussed and documents being exchange at this time.

The membership should remember this process was put on hold by Envoy legal team in the month of June and after many discussions and a letter to CEO Pedro Fabregas by myself, the contractual process was once again followed by Envoy legal. What Envoy legal did was not only affecting the right to dispute grievances to Local 575 but to the entire Envoy TWU Locals. I am proud to say WE were the ones who took the fight forward to protect our right.

I want to thank you for your time, patience and understanding through a very challenging year and it will not get any easier as previously mentioned. Stay informed, educated and above all SAFE.

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