From the Safety Teams Desk: Safety Walk September 5th

Be aware! #SafetyFirst #ReadytoPush!
Here are the equipment findings the safety team found during our safety walk on Tuesday, September 5th.
Gates that need new nosegear chocks
B11, B21, B25, B39, B37, B49
Already talked to Martha about getting new ones for these gates
Tug 51399 the fuel closures latch is broken
AE to AA
0607 will not start
0588 drivers side tires are bold
0608 flat tire
0619, 51871 Dead battery
0614 the gearshifter knob is missing
TM401 horn cover missing
52426, 51683 Dead battery
52452 flat rear tire
10112 horn not working
58532 head lights not working
B5 – 62321 Dead battery
B12 – 50306 no gas
62320 horn not working
62302, 62332 flat rear tire
B1 62061 weak horn
B4 60518 handrail pin not attached
B5 55730 handrail pin not attached
B6 54045 handrail pin broken
B9 60889 head light is not working
B12 59001 lights and handrail pin not work
                    because it’s broken
B20 60531 handrail pin not attached
B28 62392 handrail pin not attached
B30 20802 lights and horn not working
B30 58102 back working light not working
B37 58816 handrail pin not attached
B47 61430 handrail pin not attached
B49 63242 handrail pin not missing
B1 62055 front light not working
B3 62054 horn not working
B4 58771 shows a code of -15
B5 63200 liftplate pin missing (called in by the crew chief)
B10 62792 back strobe light not working
B27 62344 back strobe light not working
B35 62791 horn not working
B40 62340 front light not working

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