From the President’s Desk….Letter to the TWU Update

Good evening,

As a follow up to the last post on August 9th, here is where we stand with Local 575 Vice President, Luis de Jesus and Chief Shop Steward Carlos Cintron.

The TWU leadership did respond and immediately has hired legal counsel to represent both members plus the legal right to representation (A federal right that all Union representatives have). I have been in constant communication with the TWU and the appropriate steps are being done. As new developments continue to arise, we will share. At this time both employees continue to be suspended but NOW with pay. We are waiting for legal counsel on the next step.

We are committed on taking this bullying tactics from the BOSSES to any legal level. No one comes to work to be harassed or intimidated much less when the performance is the best across the system. I remind you to contact the ethics hotline if necessary and notify any shop steward of any reported abuse.

Stay safe and Ready to Push…

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