From the President’s Desk… Response from Pedro

As most of you may know, on June 27th, 2017, I wrote a letter to CEO Pedro Fabregas with regards to the company’s legal department and how difficult & unwillingly they have been to comply with the arbitration language from the contract. On the very next day, he replied and here is the introduction to the response.


Thank you for the note.  

As you would expect, I respectfully disagree with your email.  Our company is moving forward in a way that would not have been previously possible.  I am very proud of my management team as they have been able to successfully navigate a very competitive regional airline market and make us one of the best regional airlines in the world!”

The email does go on addressing the arbitrations and how the legal team is making attempts to schedule hearings. Since June 30th we are in the process of scheduling arbitration dates. It was very ironic that it took a letter for the process to move forward; which in turn leads me to the next point…

This July 26th, there will be an informational picket held by three different TWU Locals from AA. AAG has made it very difficult and to some level irresponsible to grant a fair contract to Airline Mechanics and Fleet Service Clerks AND it is no different than the response from our Envoy CEO. The whole purpose is to be cost competitive regardless of people’s lives and although the AA employees were monetarily compensated, it was nothing more than a “bait” to accept the contractual benefits AA wants. Up to this day, they have not accepted. And like AA, Pedro’s  answer at no point recognizes the work we have done and continue to do for the success of this company/corporation. So, take the time to go out, show support and walk the picket line. This is a fight WE ALL MUST DO TOGETHER. Put away personal feelings and lack of understanding of this process. The fight should not be amongst US but together. AAG is the one controlling the money and dictating the process. Doug Parker and the Board of directors are the ones whom we need to address and be vocal to.  In the next month we will be having “READY TO PUSH” meetings to organize OUR next event.


Thank you for your time, be safe and READY TO PUSH


Roy Nichols


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