TWU Local 575 Weekly Update July 21st




We continue to meet and discuss with the company several contractual matters and although some progress is being made, the front line management and members lack of knowledge continue to be the main driver of the problems.

  1. Article 23 meal period- The contract is written and agreed by both sides and the intention of this article is for the employee’s right to take a lunch within an agreed window. If lunch is not taken during the window, then the employee is to be paid for the .5 plus he/she must still eat. At no time during the lunch time are we required to be interrupted to continue working!
  2. Article 5 vacation- Everyone is entitled to a vacation time and the contract allows the employee to bid at least one week. The company is required to schedule the member any NOT bid week. It is the member’s responsibility to drop or reschedule before the 15th of every month including when cso the day or week.
  3. Article 14 Transfer and promotions- For a member to change status, FT to PT or vice versa, a transfer request must be submitted. The request must be sent before January 15 and July 1st. They become void after those dates.

Management has expressed their interest on changing several process for the baggage runner.

  1. D terminal bag room
  2. T/T E bags delivery


Stay Hydrated!

We have also had members report dehydration. It is your right to seek shade water and cool shelter if necessary. Also, any incident MUST BE REPORTED to management and if necessary seek medical attention! There is NO NEED TO FEEL INTIMIDATED when it comes to your health and safety.


Lastly, this Wednesday July 26th is the TWU 513, 567 and 591 informational picket against AAG and their stalled negotiations. WE need to come out and support as we prepare for our own  negotiations next year. It is the perfect opportunity to voice our discontent with AAG too….

TWU_SaveTheDate copy

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