TWU Local 575 Weekly Update June 30th

Weekly update June 30th

We are aware of the continued staffing issues at DFW and several meetings have taken place to address them. The company has agreed to some suggestions and once final agreements are done, we will communicate.

Below are some of the reasons for the shortage.

  1. Too many open lines for Crew Chiefs and Full Time Fleet Service Clerks.

  2. New hire classes are not being filed and the delay for them on having a DFW badge continues to be a problem.

  3. The reduction of overtime

  4. Lack of knowledge or understanding of current policies/agreements.

CS policy language intent

When an employee is suspended WITH PAY for a company investigation, he/she MUST BE PAID regardless if they had cso. The contract, under article 18 letter C, confirms it.

Staff Admin

The company notified us they will be changing systems by July 28th therefore the Ramp Bid is uploaded until July 27th. For any CS after this day, you must contact any HUB Admin supervisor so they can manually upload.

Mandatory (mando)

Any employee working a FT partial cs cannot be extended for the later part of the shift. This is considered a FT shift that was broken into two parts and not a PT shift. Unless the individual seniority # of the person working the shift is being extended, then the person is mando but not because of the broken FT shift.

Letter to CEO

As a Union, our legal right to appeal any decision made by the company (contract violation/disciplinary action) is through a grievance process. When Envoy legal was not honoring the language to do so because of COST, we took this fight to the International and us to write a letter to Envoy CEO. We did receive an answer and although, as expected, he did not agree with your Union’s statement, we did have an arbitration selection process and now have a total of seven cases that are ready to be heard. Not only did Local 575 benefit from it but other Locals also received arbitration hearings.


Your communication dept.



Twitter: @TWULocal575


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