From the President’s Desk… Letter to Pedro

Dear Membership,

In the last month or so, we have had little progress with the Envoy legal team in regards to the arbitration hearings. Today, I sent CEO Pedro Fabregas the attached Letter  EXPRESSING my discontent. This is not a fight that can be won alone. The members need to take interest and support with what we (TWU Local 575) are trying to do. Negotiations are less than a year away but preparation has to start NOW. This fight is bigger and more challenging then the daily issues we face. There are numerous factors that come into play when we are negotiating and you, a member, being mislead, misinformed and not interested is perhaps the BIGGEST of them all.

In the next few weeks, we will be taking a different approach towards the GOAL of educating and informing you with the purpose of UNITY. So again, when asked to participate, I ask you to do so. We need to take this fight head on by everyone and show AAG CEO Doug Parker and the rest of the AAG leadership that TWU Local 575 is ready to fight!

Be safe and Ready To Push…

Read Letter Here: Letter to Pedro


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