From the Safety Teams Desk: Safety Walk June 6th

Be aware! #SafetyFirst #ReadytoPush!


Here are some equipment and ramp issues we saw on June 6th.

Gates that need new Aircraft noise gear chocks
B21, B34, B36, and B46
B4 58221 front lights not working
B4 57166 horn not working
B11 62345 missing a front hood latch
B12 57105 towstrap hook is broke
        (tagged out)
B26 62339 left plane rod c clap missing
         (tagged out)
B36 57122 not working probably a dead battery
B44 62343 a front light was not working
E side
    58006 horn not working
    53851 left front light not working
B5 58810 no light switch
B9 60911 handrail pin not attached and broken
      work light
B10 58805 no handrail pin (called in)
B11 59020 handrail pin not attached
B29 63254 not work probably a fed battery
B38 5880 horn not working
B & E right side head light need to be fixed
AND: Tug at B27 60438-R not working

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