From the President’s Desk: Mando & Flex Schedule Update

We have recently discussed with the company the process for Mando’s and Flex Schedules. They have understand and agree that a shop stewards needs to be present to confirm seniority for all Mando’s.

Here are some points to be aware of


  • There will not be anymore Mando over 16 hours including for Flex Schedules.
  • Crew Chiefs do not hand the white slip.
  • We do not dictate how many people are given a Mando.
  • Possible short turn does not exclude you from a Mando including Flex Schedule.
  • If an employee picks up a CSW and the shift is changed because of a Flex Schedule the employee will receive Short Turn (insufficient rest manning less than 7.5 rest between shifts) for the next worming day. Ex: Shift is 6-14:30, CSW 15-20:30 (flex schedule 18/1 am) Next working day regular at 6am, schedule will be treated as ST. Company changed original agreement of CSW at 15:00.


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