Note From The President’s Desk: CS Suspensions & Restrictions

To explain what is going on with the CS suspensions and restrictions I will attempt to give you the explanation that as of today, the company has not told its employees. I also will like to emphasize that myself or Local 575 Executive Board HAVE NOT approved, discussed or even was given any advanced notice prior to cancellation of CS. I have tried to get anyone from the company to talk and come up with any future ideas but this has not happened. Also, this does not take away the fact that we are responsible for lesson compliance and the employer should take any necessary efforts for us to comply  (Article 18 letter A of the collective bargaining agreement) BUT to ARBITRARILY penalize us is not only unjust but unfair.


Here is the official company explanation for Envoy & American………………

The DG training initiative was instituted for the WHOLE company, by the company in response to a warning from a regulatory agency, FAA. Last year, DFW specifically was out of compliance by the hundreds, and that is part of what has driven the FAA’s notice to all training. We will be one of the first they audit. Without DG completed the employee cannot even be at work. The FAA drove the companies’ response, and with non-compliance the FAA will act.   EWBS was instituted for the whole company. Again, DFW is out of compliance by hundreds as well, and that is also in part of what has driven the FAA’s notice. 

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